August 31, 2010

# of NFL players from PAC, MWC

I found a link on ESPN that shows the current players in the NFL listed by College.  USC is tops within the PAC-10 which comes as a surprise to no one.  California, surprisingly, is second, which doesn't necessarily match the success they've seen.  The other surprise is Arizona State, which obviously knows how to recruit talent to Tempe, but can't seem to convert that to wins on the field.  Washington and Washington State again find themselves in familiar territory . . . near the bottom.

One of the big surprises from the MWC is Fresno State.  Though they've been good, I'm surprised they have this much talent in the NFL.  This could speak to Fresno's recruiting.  Utah (not shown) would be second currently in the MWC.  The other big surprise is Boise St.   If Boise continues to see the success they have, I suspect they'll put more players in the NFL and their current standing will rise, but I'm surprised they're so low.   Air Force is the obvious caveat here since student-athletes have service obligations upon finishing their schooling.  UNLV should just stick with basketball.

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